Monday, December 27, 2010

My first Tutorial - Crafty

So for Christmas I made each of my nieces, nephews & my boys a fold over organizer thing to hold a notebook/coloring book & crayons.  It was FUN!!!  So here  is my best shot at a step by step tutorial. (Since it's my first...bear with me!)

 Basic Inside Layout!

Fabric A

Pieces Needed
FABRIC A (inches)
1- 9x18 outside cover
2- 6x8 Elastic pocket (mine was small)
4- 4 1/4 x 5 flap

Fabric B
1- 9x18 inside main
2- 5 3/4 x 8 pocket flap
3- 6x2 notebook flap
4- 4 1/4 x 5 flap


Use piece #4 from each fabric, sew right sides together on 2 sides, then turn right side out & iron unsewn edge in to make seam then top stitch.  Set aside - this will be flap for pocket on right side.

Use piece #2 fabric A & sew a 1 inch pocket for elastic on the 6 inch side 
Insert 6 inch piece of elastic into this pocket & fold right end over 1/4 inch & stitch all the way down length of side.

Use piece # 3 fabric B...fold in half, iron & fold 1/4 inch ends in for finished edges & iron
Use piece #2 Fabric B...on one 8 inch side, fold over 1/4 inch, iron for finished edge

Now to pin it all together...

Piece #2 (fabric B) pin on right side of Piece #1 (Fabric B) matching bottom & right edges.  Piece #4 flap goes to top center of Piece #2

Piece #3 (fabric B) goes in the center on the bottom.  You will also pin in 2 pieces of 6 inch elastic in the center (not pictured) to hold a notebook in.  Pin end of elastic under pockets on each side.

Elastic pocket piece #2 (fabric A) goes on left side matching left side & bottom..this one is a little trick because it has elastic at the will have extra fabric on the bottom to work with...fold & pin it as evenly as possible at the bottom...should measure to 6 inches.

Now....using this inside panel & outside panel (piece #1 fabric A) are going to sew them together...I used 2 pieces of stabilizer interfacing & one piece of 1/4 quilt batting in between. Line them up & pin.  Sew along fold lines....this is  an 18 inch piece so my fold lines were @ 6 inches & 12 inches...these fold lines will attach all the above pinned pieces together also.

Then pin biased tape or ribbon along all of the outside edge & sew it completely around to finish. I did use my embroidery machine on the from & stitch each kids name on (first step - before sewing together all pieces).

Attach about 10 inch piece of ribbon to left side & one in the middle edge (when folded) these will tie the organizer closed!

There you have it!  Hope no one is too terribly confused!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Sander Family!!!  We have had an amazing year...I will get to that later...I have been pondering alot lately about Mary & the feelings she must have felt.  I think about the first time held each of my little boys as newborn babies...the thoughts & rush of emotions...indescribable.  The love & joy you feel is overwhelming.  So (all you moms out there)  think about those moments & add on top of that that fact of knowing not only are you falling completely in love with your precious newborn baby, but the fact that you are holding the Savior of the world.  I can't imagine all of her feeling through this.  I am continually amazed at the way my boys help me to love our Creator even more & more everyday.  The love my Father has for me is so much more than I could even imagine, but each time I look into the eyes of Lincoln or Justice & see them look at me with love, I feel like I have a little glimpse of that love.  I just pray that my eyes look at HIM the way Justice & Lincoln look at me.

Celebrating Him!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Women of Faith

I returned this morning at approximately 1 am from Women of Faith conference in Kansas City.  I'm going to go through my notes & try to make sense of them & put into words all of the things that God is trying to teach me right now...this may take a few postings!

First of all, I had an AMAZING time with some AMAZING ladies from the Norton area who joined me for this trip.  What a great time of fellowship, shopping, giggles, worshiping, & growing closer to Jesus together.  I am so blessed!

One lady who spoke several times over the weekend was Sheila Walsh.  Here is my notes/thoughts from the first message she gave to us! (I will try to put her words in "quotes" & then my own thoughts to follow)
"GUILT = you've DONE something wrong"
"SHAME = You ARE something wrong"
I have never heard these two words compared like this.  What a difference....guilt can be used as a growing time & strengthening tool, while shame is much harder to work through & the wounds seem to be alot deeper & take longer to heal.  This is so important to keep in mind in dealing with those I have relationships with.  I NEVER want to inflict SHAME onto someone.  I don't want to be the one who makes them feel worthless.  I pray that I can help people past the guilt & not let it turn into shame.

"TRUST is what LOVE looks like" Oh how true this is & how it spoke to my heart.  Trust & love almost define each other.  Sheila challenged me to ask 3 questions of myself:
1-Do you feel the need to control what's going on around you?......yes
2-When the unexpected hits you are you more ruled by fear & anxiety or resting in the peace that God is in control?....probably fear
3-Do you ever feel a slight disconnect from God & those close to you, like there is a veil covering parts of who you really are?....Yes

OH ME OF LITTLE FAITH!!!! It is so hard to let go....but I was truly challenged when she said "Do you trust the hand of the ONE who is leading your life? "  Well....based on my answers to the above questions, I would have to say "no" to this final question.  But the truth is I do LOVE Jesus & as said earlier Trust is what Love looks, I guess I need to start showing a little more of what my love for Jesus looks like.  I want to trust Him.  While talking with a couple friends, one challenged me to not try to fit God in a little box. But, if I would trust Him & watch to see His blessings come. Sheila next wove the story of Gideon (Judges 6-7)into this message.  A few things that stood out to me were:
"Nothing is impossible...but you've got to stop pretending that everything is OK!" "God is wanting me to know that He is going to take care of me & all the stuff in my life, but that I need to back away, because it's ALL GOING TO BE HIM!"  She stated that the Midianites were never the real enemy....the real enemy was the lack of trust in the sovereign GOD!!!  Who/what do I see as my enemy....why do I let me dis-trust deceive me."
I recently told someone that sometimes I feel like I am "gifted" in worrying.  So I was truly challenged by Sheila's words...I worry because of fear of the unknown, thinking I always need a plan etc....but really it is my NEED/WANT to feel like I am in control. Please pray for me to recognize that God is in control of my life & if I will just let go & let Him lead me I would be released from my worry.

Ok...well this is  the first notes from what I am trying to learn from God.  Stay tuned...more great stuff coming! I'm so excited to share with you....hopefully my rambling notes will share a little bit of a message with you & maybe even spark a change in your thinking as it has mine!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Okay so...last week I discovered  An awesome FREE website that includes nutrition tracking with menus, fitness tracking with online exercise videos & printable workout guides.  It will track the number of glasses of water you drink each day, your total calories consumed & worked off (I haven't found just general everyday activity calories burned, but deliberate calories you can enter). DID I MENTION IT'S FREE????

Reasons Why I Love

1. It's FREE!!!!
2. Meal/menu planning....all I have to do is print the grocery list, mark off what I already have, shop & then prepare & cook. Oh yeah, I can choose different things, search recipes, never cook something I wouldn't eat etc.
3. It helps me set practical goals that will provoke a lifestyle change!
4. They also have free apps for my Droid phone!!!
5. It's easy to use.
6. It's practical.
7. It's FREE!!!

OK. So, the first week was shaky, basically my laptop cord broke & then when my battery died I couldn't use it anymore...gotta order a new cord! Anyway, all I really accomplished the first week was I gave up drinking soda.  I haven't even missed it.  Just from reading some articles on I got to thinking about what I consumed & decided that soda was the least productive calories I took in.  I am not saying I will never drink it ever again...but who knows. As for getting started, I needed to be drinking more water & this was an easy fix. 

This week however, I decided I am going to walk every night after the boys are in bed.  So, Monday = Day 1 + good friends = 2.5 miles walking at the track...oooh & we even did one set of stairs!  Then I came home, logged onto & planned our meals for the week & made my grocery list (my printer is broken). Woke up early (for me), went to the grocery store before the boys woke up. Bad side is I spent almost double my grocery budget for the week! YIKES!!! Maybe it will get better....anyway! I some breakfast & then made some muffins.  They smell & look amazing!  They are Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins.  And as much as I would love to dive into one, I will wait until breakfast for tomorrow! Then...if they taste as good as they look & smell I will share the recipe & nutrition info! 

Check it out!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Just thoughts.....

I often wonder
1- who reads my blog
2- is my blog for the reader or for me

Then I got to thinking about the blogs I read....undoubtedly when there is a new post I get excited to read it...thinking it was written for me  or the reader in general.  But I know that it is also written because the writer needs to write, share thoughts, sometimes vent, praise, etc.  As I write this, I am doing it for me, but also thinking of you the reader & hoping that my words can fill a little spot, make you laugh, cry, or shout!  So it can kinda run in a circle all the way around!

But, I really started to think that it is the same way with lots of things in life.  For instance, at bedtime, Lincoln always wants to snuggle with Mama....I would rather snuggle when he comes sweetly into my room in the morning & wakes me up.  So tonight, while laying in bed snuggling Lincoln, I was thinking about the whole thing. Thinking the whole time that I wanted to go clean up (what was I thinking), come down to my computer check facebook, maybe work on pictures etc., and thinking about his sweet boy who wanted to snuggle!  After snuggling a few moments I told him "goodnight, I love you!" he wanted to "snuggle more." So, I gave in (rarely happens- at bedtime anyway) and stayed to snuggle, thinking about this sweet boy who needed his Mama & that this was all for him...I was fulfilling my mommy job & snuggling. At that moment, he reached his tiny little arms around my on each side & pulled me in tight.  So close that his chubby little cheek was pressed tightly into my eye socket, so soft & squishy cute!! Then, I felt his eyelashes (they can make any girl jealous), batting up & down on my forehead. OH MELT MY HEART!!!  Suddenly, these snuggles are not for him but for me!  I LOVE BEING HIS MOMMY!!!! I AM SO SPOILED!!

Now, I'm not saying it always happens like tonight, but all I know is that when I was willing to give him a little more of me that he needed....I was the one more immensely blessed than I could have thought!

I want to be this way more in my life.  When I think I have nothing left to give, I want to give anyway. Not because of the blessing that could come, well kinda because of the possible blessing, but more because I want to give more.  I like the blessings, but the feeling of knowing how much I enjoyed that sweet moment with my little boy, how much more it meant to him. Also, I didn't leave him crying in his room not wanting to go to bed yet!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh Summer!!!

It came so fast & it is leaving even faster!! Seems like school just got out & here we are thinking about all the back 2 school stuff!! YIKES!!! Where does the time go?!?!

Well, a few weeks ago we went to BOONDOCKER!  What a fun camp!  The boys & I take the camper (while the JR HI kids are sleeping in tents)...I know we're spoiled!  Mike was the dean, I taught a class & played nurse!  LET ME TELL YOU...what an adventure!  I am amazed at the things kids will come to the nurse at camp for...seriously guys...a scraped knee that I wouldn't even bandage for my 2 year old & these 13 & 14 years old boys were wanting it cleaned out & medicated & bandaged!  THEN...they shudder with pain from the peroxide while I was cleaning it!  OH MY!! Then I had a girls who caught an air soft bi-bi in her lip....and acted like it was no big deal...she was just bleeding!  It was crazy!  I had kids wanting band-aids for mosquito bites!!! HA!!! My sympathetic side went out the window very quickly!! Oh well!!!

My class was fun though!! We (my high school helpers & I) gave JR HI girls pedicures & then we talked about pretty piggies!  I reminded the girls that the Bible says " beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news!"  I told them that this is what our purpose was & that we needed & wanted pretty feet, so as a reminder when we see our pretty feet or when we are painting those piggies to think about what we are doing to bring the good news & have beautiful feet like God wants us to!  It was so much fun!  The girls LOVED getting spoiled & pampered at the "rough" camp!!

Right before Boondocker, we went on a little adventure to look at a suburban for Mike...we drove 2.5 hours to see it...It is a 1966's pretty cool!  We bought it & drove it home!  So fun for us!  The little boys LOVE it....Justice giggles every time you step on the gas!!! Too cute!!

We had a great 4th of July!  Celebrating with friends & family!  We spent most of the day at our friends house...backyard much fun! They boys played in the pool, enjoyed sack races & lots of food & fun!!  Later we went to Mike's parents house to shoot off fireworks! The boys did great!  So much fun!!!

On Saturday, Mike left on the annual youth mission trip! He took kids to the mountains above Denver, to a conference called youth roundup...they have main sessions, speakers & worship.  Then part of the day they travel down to work at the Salvation Army.  They help with day camps...playing with kids, then they do whatever work projects, or cleaning that needs done!  They are having a great trip so far!

I am missing my hubby terribly!  BUT....he has been so good about calling me!  A couple of times everyday so far!  This is good for me...sometimes I feel like he goes away & is so busy that he kinda forgets us (mostly just so busy) as hard as it is, I like when he calls to say hello & tells us how much he loves & misses us!  The boys are doing very well so plan is to keep them busy, busy, busy, so that they don't miss daddy too much!  Can't wait until he gets home on Friday!

A few exciting things are keeping us busy!  I got a  new camera yesterday!!! So fun!! I took 170ish pictures today, just playing with it & watching my sweet boys! It is also fair week here in Norton, so we went down to have some fun tonight!  Riding rides & hanging out with friends.  We stayed out a little the boys got to bed later than usual...hopefully they will sleep in a little!  We will probably indulge in a few more fair activities this week! There is a petting zoo tomorrow, then we can go to regular story hour at the library, & more carnival nights.

OH...and ....we bought a new to us swimming pool!  It has been so nice having it...I hardly knew it was 100 degrees today!

OK, I guess I will quite for tonight!  I have lots to do tomorrow! The boys & I will be leaving Sunday for a trip to Grand Teton National Park & Yellowstone. My whole family will be getting together for a few days out there! So excited!!!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

High school camp @ Lakeview

So...I promised to update throughout our summer craziness and as I'm sitting here at Boondocker, I realized that I had not posted anything about our first week of camp.

Anyway, that was a few weeks ago & it was awesome!!! The boys & I stayed in our camper, they did great!! They loved playing at camp.  We all had a lot of fun.

I led a family group of girls! They were so much fun...just fabulous!!! 

I love how real Jesus becomes to the students at camp. It is so amazing to see Him work in their lives!

The sunset picture, I took walking to chapel one night.  There are several things I love about the pic! I love the pretty sunset & how the light shining links like a cross next to the wooden cross. I love the view if the chapel over the lake. Most of all I love seeing the group if men gathered in prayer. They were praying for the evening speaker & lifting one another up! I love the commitment that these men have for sharing Christ with the students.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our craziness begins!!!! SUMMER!!!!!

Ok....for those of you who don't know(I'm guessing, if you're reading my blog you know this, but just in case) husband Mike is a youth minister & summer is CrAzY!!!!!!!!!!!!  Anyway our summer is in full swing & the busyness starts!!!

This week we are getting ready for our first week of church camp! We leave for high school camp on Sunday afternoon.  I will be going & taking the boys.  We will stay in our camper & have lots of fun! We will still get to see Mike everyday & even hang out with him some!  Which is WAY better than staying at home & not even seeing him a little bit!  My little boys kinda like their daddy! So, that means I am busy getting the camper cleaned, loaded, stocked, etc...ready for the first trip of the year!  Also, laundry, shopping list for food, snacks, sun/bug stuff, toys, etc!  I TAKE SO MUCH STUFF!!! Gotta be prepared! Oh & a trip to Kearney to pick up supplies & such.  I am doing a jewelry making class at camp! We will be making earrings out of soda cans....lots of fun!

Oh  & part of our trip to Kearney is because Saturday is our 11th anniversary!!!! Where does the time go?!?!??!  11 years is a long time!  It's amazing!  So anyway, hopefully, we will get to spend some quality time together getting ready for camp, doing a little shopping & I think we are going to finish the day off with yummy Prime Rib dinner @ Cunningham's Feed in Arapahoe...oooh...maybe I will see what movie is playing too!

Soo for the rest of our summer we will be busy as well! I'm sure I will write more later, but here's a preview!!

June 5th - 11th ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!
June 6-11 HS Camp @ Lakeview
June 12 - Inflatable Game Rental
June 13 - My Parents ARRIVE!!! (sometime this week I think)
June 19 - my baby sister turns 13 & Mike has a wedding to do!
June  27-July 1st - BOONDOCKER CAMP
July 4th - Extravaganza with our super duper awesome friends...SOOO EXCITED!!!!
July 24-30...Mike has mission trip (not sure what me & the boys are doing yet! We might go visit him)
August 1-6,7,8, or 9 - Me & boys & Bri (super great youth group girl to help me) will be traveling across Nebraska & Wyoming to the Tetons for a little Roelfsema Family Vacation/Reunion.  We will probably do Yellowstone to!!! Pretty excited about this trip! Sad Mike can't come but WAY excited that Bri is willing to come help me with the's a LONG WAY to the Tetons from here!

Anyway, I will *hopefully* write about each of these events along the way!  Pleas be in prayer for all of this!  Pray for our ministry to change lives & reach kids!  Summer is crazy, but a super influential time in the lives of these youth!  We LOVE this!!!!  YAY for summer & CAMP!!!!

Ok....I lied!

So I lied!  I said I would never mow the lawn again...but I did...and I kinda liked it!  Last week we were getting ready to go for a youth ministry leadership retreat & Mike was super busy & so I though I can do it.  He had given me a few pointers after the last fiasco with I tried again! The backyard was pretty easy!  The boys played in the sand box for most of the time while mowing!  The front yard however seemed to take forever! I was constantly having to stop to tell Justice "don't eat the sidewalk chalk...its icky" & to pick Justice up when he fell down. Lincoln does pretty good, except when he's trying to talk to me and I can't hear him! So anyway...I said I kinda liked it!  I did! I'm thinking it was HARD work & our yard is much bigger when you're mowing than it is when you're playing! I actually enjoy using the weed eater!  Anyway, I do need to mow again before we leave for camp on Sunday! So maybe....I might really like it this time!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Thing I learned today!

So, like usual, I have been wanting to post for awhile now & just haven't gotten it done!  But I learned so MUCH today that I had to take time to share!

1) When trying to serve my husband, I should stick to what I know well & am good at.  I HATE MOWING THE LAWN!!!!! Next time I feel like I should 'help him out, cuz he's busy", I will absolutely just bake him something to show my appreciation!
     Things I learned while mowing the lawn!

  1. Do Not wear flip flops! No one got inured...just GREEN!
  2. Do Not wear shorts! injuries, just GREEN!
  3. The mower gets clogged easily when our grass is wet. 
  4. It hard to keep the mower started when it is clogged.
  5. If an acrylic nail bursts off while trying to start the mower, it hurts & that should have been my first clue to stop trying to mow the lawn!
  6. When there is so much grass that I need to prop open the back flap, I need to later re-mow it with the flap closed. (Sorry, Mike I was really trying to be helpful!)
  7.  The mower is easier to push when I remember to hold the handle that engages the self-propelling part!
  8.  Wet grass is slippery...esp in flip flops, trying to push a mower without holding the handle for self propel!

2) I learned that my boys will spend ALOT of time in the new sandbox this summer! And probably for many years to come!
     Things I learned about the sandbox!

  1. I will need to have an outdoor bathing option, or my house will become the sandbox!
  2. Boys & Girls are WAY different! Whether you are 1, 2, or 31!  I would fill the bucket & try to make a super cool castle & everytime the boys would smash it as soon as the bucket was removed to expose the super coolness that I had just made!  Then Lincoln would fill the bucket & I would help him turn it upside down & he would remove the bucket & tell me "Momma! Smash it!" 

3) Two year olds will say exactly what they are thinking! You never have to wonder! Examples....

  1. Lincoln burst into my room & I asked "what are you doing?"  he replied "Momma! I'm looking at you!"
  2. At the store when I was explaining to Lincoln that if he was good & listened to me then we could go get ice cream when we were done, he said "but Momma, I don't wanna listen!
All kidding aside!  I LOVE my boys so much! Yesterday during lunch we had already prayed but Justice folds his hands & says "EEE-sus" So we proceed to talk to Jesus again!  Lincoln joins in! "Thank you Jesus for my Momma! AMEN!" heart melts! Well...he kept doing it...adding Daddy, Justice & Lincoln, but I'm guess about a dozen times yesterday I heard my sweetie say Thank you to Jesus for his Momma! THAT'S ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST SOUND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah!  I was also very productive today!  
  1. I deep cleaned the boys bathroom!  Doesn't happen very often (don't boys are 1 & 2.5...I'm quite busy) It does get surface cleaned semi-regularly!  But today I cleaned out under the sink, toilets, floors, sink, counter, tub, washed the tub toys, washed the no slip bath mat! So, if you wanna see it clean I suggest you come see me tonight, tomorrow or Sunday, after that I'm not making any promises!
  2. I made a valance for Lincoln's room out of the pillow shams that came with his comforter set!  I then took down the rod in Justice's room & moved it into Lincoln's room & hung his new valance. Then I found another rod to put Justice's curtain on (temporarily)! All of this before nap time! Once I took down the curtain in J's room, I had to finish the project so they could have dark rooms to nap in!
  3. I MOWED THE BACK YARD! Yep, just the back yard, but I did trim the weeds too! 
  4. I took a shower! Again...don't judge!  It's a pretty big deal to get a shower some days! Today though, being that my legs & feet were was a necessity!
  5. I went to the store & then got ice cream with my boys!
  6. Went to the Rock for the concert for a little while!
It's been a great day!  


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blogger on my phone!

Ok!  So I may have just found my new addiction!  I haven't tried it yet, but.....I did download an app for my phone to let me BLOG from & everything!  We will see how it goes! Maybe I will actually post  more!

City Wide Clean Up!!!

Oh city wide clean my thriftiness (cheapness) LOVES YOU!!!!

OK for those of you not familiar with Norton, KS...let me explain! Twice a year our CITY hosts city wide clean up! Basically on my regular trash day, I can set out ANYTHING (within the guidelines) and they will come by & pick it up...up to like 2 trucks full! AMAZING huh?!?! So, that's one way to look at it...Here's how I normally see it! I go treasure hunting, dumpster diving, trash digging etc...or let's just say shopping! HA!! I don't dig through trash etc. I simply drive around town look for things if I see something I like I stop & pick it up. Mostly things like furniture or kids outside toys! The way I have to do it though is to "SHOP" before my actual pick up in the event that someone threw something out because it was really JUNK (not just old to them) I can set it out on my curb & have it hauled away!! So anyway, I am always hoping to find something great! I probably should be more inclined to get rid of my own junk rather than shop in others, but sometimes I find really great things! I will let you know what I find!

Friday, April 23, 2010

American Idol

Every year I cannot wait for the new season of American Idol to start! Ever since season #4 (Carrie Underwood-winner) I was hooked! I also thoroughly enjoy almost all of the "American Idol" winners music. Seasons 1,4,6,7,8 winners! (Kelly Clarkson, Carrie, Jordin Sparks, David Cook, & Kris Allen) And I also enjoy other contestants(non-winner) Daughtry, Bo Bice, Phil Stacy, Elliott Yamin, & even sometimes Kelli Pickler! could say that I'm addicted and I'm ok with that!'s my little issue with AI & my obsession. Every year they do a HUGE show called Idol Gives Back. They raise support for hungry & suffering people in America & around the world. It is truly amazing to see the video of some of these 'idols' & also the judges on the show go to these poor/suffering areas. I see the sweet babies in Africa who are dying from malaria, aids etc. & the orphans & my heart breaks! I don't know how many times during the show I said to Mike "I want to bring her home" "I want him" "oh....look" etc, etc, etc. I see these celebrities looking "normal" in appearance just wonder what must be going through their mind other than how sad it is that people actually live like this.

Anyway...they paint this incredible picture of poverty & beg for us to "give what you can" Which is all fine & good except for the fact that I just feel like they are putting a band-aid on the injury instead of giving true healing. I know this is most likely due to the fact that most of them also are just walking around with band-aids on their wounds...wondering if there is a healer!

I know that my passion for this is
1. Based on my relationship with Jesus & not wanting to ever go through life without Him.
2. Also because of giving money & sharing Jesus at the same time & just loving people the way I think that Christ would.
3. Having friends who have dedicated many years of their lives living in these poverty stricken areas for the sole purpose of spreading the Gospel of Jesus!

I don't want to sound cold, or harsh to think that this money is given in vain. But I just wish that something this big could be used to spread the message of the true Healer & not just pass out band-aids. I guess my prayer is that people who have benefited from the generosity of 'idol give back' could be connected with people who can lead them to Jesus!

OH...and I will continue to watch this season & my favorites are (in no particular order...or maybe alphabetical...just to be safe) Casey, Crystal, & Lee. If they aren't the top 3 I might be upset! And come next January I'm sure I will get all caught up in it again...even if Simon won't be there! OK....I'm done!


So I keep feeling the need/want to post, but I never seem to have much of importance to write about! The things in my head are kinda jumbled lately! So here are my random thoughts about the past month or so since my last post. (oh laptop cord is on the fritz & currently my lappy is dead! So that means I have no pics or videos to add to this post since I am using Mike's OLD laptop & it has fried USB ports so....frustrating)

JUSTICE is WALKING!!! So cute!!!

Easter was so much fun this year! The kids were so cute! We did get some really cute pics of all 6 Sander grandkids! They all had so much fun playing together! It was a beautiful day to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus!!!

The next 2 weekends consisted of PROM (Norton & Northern Valley) For Norton prom I fixed 3 girls hair! Then for NV prom I fixed 2 girls hair! Also NV post prom rented inflatable games for us so Mike was busy with delivery & set up of those!

During this madness, my almost 2 year old nephew Dorian was taken to the hospital & later diagnosed with Epilepsy. Please keep him & his Mommy (Mike's sister Starr) in your prayers as this will be a long battle of figuring all of this out! She is very strong & can handle it, but it is quite exhausting!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Justice! little Justice turned 1 on March 23rd!!! I'm a little slow on posting for his bday...but here it goes!

March 23, 2009
7:30 am - I wake up with regular contractions about 8 minutes apart...but being me...I decided that it wasn't too bad & I really didn't want to wake up Lincoln too early, so I took time to fix my hair & put on some make up! I know...I'm ridiculous!!! As I'm doing this, I realize the contractions are still coming pretty regularly...and a little closer! So I wake up Mike @ 8ish & told him we needed to get ready to go. (with his eyes still closed) he says "where are we going?" I replied..."Well sweetie, it's time to go to the hospital (EYES BURST OPEN) "REALLY?!??!" Instantly awake! So we finished gathering a few things & decided to wake up Lincoln. We called Grandma Kimmie to make sure she would be ready for her little visitor! We went & dropped him off, then headed to the hospital!

9 am - At NCH, we start the check in process (blah, blah, blah)...oh and contractions about every 5-6 at this point! While checking in, my doctor walked by & asked if we were there on official business & we said yes! So, since Justice had been breech most of my pregnancy, she took us immediately to the ultrasound room to check his position! EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT!!! So we went to the delivery room! I was anxious because I knew how quickly things had progressed with Lincoln, and everyone had told me that #2 baby would be faster! Well, we got ready & they did all the prep stuff etc... he was really coming! So we just waited(ok...really everyone else waited while I worked, but I can't complain about 4 hours of labor!) a little while & at 12:23 p.m. we welcomed our sweet little Justice Terry! HE WAS PERFECT!!!

So now, here we are a whole year later! He has grown & changed so much! We have been through alot with this little guy! We are so thankful that Jesus continues to bless us by letting us raise Justice!

1 year stuff...
*Justice has 7 teeth...4 on top & 3 on bottom...pretty sure he's always working on a new one....he's been pretty drooly lately.
*Justice has been crawling for almost 6 months, he walks while holding onto furniture, walls etc. He waves, loves to clap, laugh & squeal! He nods his head "YES" pretty emphatically when asked a question. He LOVES music!!
*Words that he says...Mama, Dadda, up, more, Justice, hi, bye, Lincoln (pretty rough...but he is totally saying it), dog & makes barking sound, juice, no, papa, yeah, ball

He has recently given up his morning nap :-( But wakes up generally about 8:30...eats cereal & has juice for breakfast...just like Lincoln (pretty much want to do everything like big brother). He likes food...ALOT...somedays it seems as though he might never get full! After lunch he does take a really good nap. Yay...for Mommy time! He LOVES his daddy! He has the cutest little smile that turns up on the corners of his mouth & totally melts my heart everytime I see it!!! So far, the little bit of hair he has is red, his eyes are amazingly Blue & gorgeous! He is trying to walk, but he knows that crawling is SOOO much faster! He loves books. He's Perfect!!!!

For his BIG DAY! I planned ROCK STAR themed party! I found the cutest stuff online & went from there! I has so much fun! I LOVE making cakes for my boys birthdays!!! We had BBQ beef sandwiches, homemade potato salad, baked beans (I try to copy Papa's awesome recipe), then we had an electric guitar cake, & cupcakes too! Anyway, we are so blessed to have friends & family to celebrate with! Justice is a very much loved little boy! He will bring a smile to anyone's face! He has the sweetest eyes & the cutest little puffy cheeks you have ever seen...they are the best for kissing! Oh...I am so in love with him! Here are some photos of our awesome little party!! (an of course I have ZERO pics of me & my birthday boy..guess I should pass the camera around)

I pray everyday that God raises him up as a mighty leader for HIM!!! So...if you are reading this, join me in that prayer for my children as well as yours!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our Adventure with Justice!

We got home from our trip to Chicago on Tuesday was so good to see the boys! Justice was sitting in the high chair eating & he just kept looking at me & giggling...soo cute! Lincoln was bouncing, climbing, & jumping all over Mike. It was kinda nice to be's nice to know how much they appreciate us!

Anyway, on Thursday morning we woke up & I notice Justice sounded a little congested...nothing major, so we continued with out day. We (the little boys & me) went to Cozad to the chiropractor & then we went to Kearney to go shopping! We only made it to Cato (women's clothing store) & Wal-Mart. What an adventure! Cato is not very large store & I carried Justice & chased Lincoln through the place the whole time we were in there! Needless to say, I didn't find anything to buy! Wal-Mart was a bit easier...because they have shopping carts! Anyway, we headed home & both boys were pretty tuckered out & slept most the way home!

When we got home we ate real quick (just some penne with marinara sauce) & got ready to have our small group come over. By about 7:30, Justice was seeming really fussy & tired, bed he went. By about 8:15...he was crying & evidently his supper didn't set well with him cause it was all over in his crib (yuck...I know!) But he was acting happy & normal. he had a little dry cough...still nothing of concern. So we eventually got him back to bed. I went to bed but noticed he was a little restless, but nothing I tried seemed to make him sleep any better, so I just left him in his crib & went back to bed. About 3:30am I noticed him fussing pretty bad. I changed him, gave him a bottle etc. (all the things you try at the crazy hours when you are half awake). I tried to go back to bed, but he was VERY restless at this point. So I got up with him about 6:30 & just help him & listened to him breathing very hard. About 7:30 when Lincoln woke up I went to get Mike & told him I thought Justice was really sick. He held him & asked me how long he'd been breathing that hard & I said since about 3:30...We decided I needed to hurry & take him to the hospital.
So I did! I got there, did all the routine stuff, answering questions trying to figure out what was going on. They gave him a breathing treatment, which seemed to help some & kept oxygen in his face. I was asked "is there any possibility he could have gotten something in his throat?" I said, "well, he is 11 months old so...YES...a strong possibility, because he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth!" We all kinda chuckled. Soon, Mike arrived (after getting Lincoln ready & dropping him off at Grandmas). Justice was negative for RSV...still no answers.

We were asked if we "needed" to be sent somewhere else, would we prefer Kearney or Hays, we said Kearney...still thinking it was a maybe. Maybe turned to "you're going to Kearney" which turned into "we've spoken with the Pediatrician in Kearney & they are sending the Helicopter!" WHAT?!?!?!? My emotions at this point were so out of control. They were trying (unsuccessfully) to get an IV in Justice & my poor baby was super angry & upset... there wasn't anything I could do to help! We were making phone calls & arrangements, our minister came in to pray with us & at the end of the prayer I opened my eyes to see a few nurses had joined us for prayer & Brad (Mike's dad) was there as well! I went to the hallway & just cried in Brad's arms (my inlaws are amazing!) I didn't want to be in the room & watch them keep trying to get an IV in! They never did get it in...until we got to Kearney!

Knowing that there was a great chance that a parent would not be allowed to ride in the helicopter with Justice, we decided that someone should get a head start! So Jeff took me in his car & we got on the road! This was possibly the longest hour and a half of my life! Not being there to hold Justice, to have Mike hold me & to just be together as a family! This was terrifying. We finally arrived at the hospital in Kearney & they needed me to sign papers, give insurance info etc....REALLY?!?!?! I just drove an hour and a half & my son arrived here by helicopter...I JUST WANT TO SEE HIM & MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS OK!!!!!!!!!! GRRR!!! Whew!!! Oh, and I need to call my insurance company to let them know that Justice has been admitted into this hospital! WHAT?!?! Well...that didn't happen right away! What parent wants to take the time to "pre-certify" a hospital stay....may I say EMERGENCY HOSPITAL STAY!!! Really....this needs to be pre-certified to qualify for coverage!!! Oh well!

I found Justice's room & he was being examined by the doctor. The nurses informed me that I had just missed a UFC fight to get the oxygen in his nose! (Oh & they did let Mike fly in the copter too!) The next few hours of time is kinda a blur to me! I remember needing to find a bathroom, charge my cell phone & stay out of the room while they once again tried to get an IV in. They called in 2 anesthesiologists in to put it in! They did finally get it in & then I could hold him! I sat & rocked him & he slept. Mike & Jeff went to get some food for us & found Cody too! We ate & tried to relax & trust Jesus! WOW!!! We just waited. They continued to come in & give Justice breathing treatments, take blood etc. He was so worn out that he slept for a good long time! They moved us to a bigger room...Yay! While we sat visiting, we saw some friends walking by...they had driven all the way to Kearney because they didn't want us to be alone!

Jeff & Cody went to get some snacks & supplies for us during our stay! We had a nice visit with Joe & Heidi! Then everyone traded places...Joe & Heidi went to get us some stuff. These friends are AMAZING!! Jeff, Cody & Joe & Heidi brought us snacks, chocolate, drinks, toys & books for my boys...anything we asked for! What a blessing to have friends!

We still were searching for answers to what was wrong with our little guy! I was relieved that his symptoms were seemingly getting better, but I wanted to know what he had, how he got it etc. He was responding to the breathing treatments(oxygen level was like 82%), but his heart rate was still crazy high(185-200) and his respirations (like 65/minute)were high as well. They didn't let him eat either & could only drink some pedialite. HE WAS CRANKY!!!!

Later that evening he finally settled back in for some sleep! My best friend Sheri came to visit! She had come to our house & collected some bathroom stuff for us & a suitcase of clothes! We visited for awhile & then she went & got Jimmy Johns subs for us! Poor Justice was watching us eat & acting like he was eating too...smacking his lips together...we felt so guilty for eating in front of him! It was soo sad!

Friday was a crazy long day! Through the night Justice slept on my chest, which probably comforted us both! We would wake up when the nurses came in for treatments & to check vitals! We were so exhausted. By Saturday morning, his oxygen levels were staying steady & his respirations & heart rate were much lower! We got to take off his oxygen. YAY!!! At home, Lincoln was having a rough time! He was missing us all terribly & we were wondering if he was starting to develop a cold! YIKES! So Mike decided to go home that night to be with him! This helped Lincoln immensely! I was so nervous for Mike to leave...I was so tired & didn't know how to make it through the night & get some rest! Justice did not want to relax & rest! He fought & fought...he did not want to give up & go to sleep...he had kicked his IV loose, causing it to leak & eventually he just decided that he didn't need it anymore because he kicked it the rest of the way out! Finally, he was ready to rest! The nurses were so awesome...they let me sleep & took care of Justice. He was finally sleeping good also!

Justice was diagnosed with pneumonia. He also was severely anemic (low iron), his hemoglobin was also low! This was creating a major struggle for him to get quality oxygen. His red blood cells were not working as well as they should! So...all of this combined caused him to have severe asthma attack symptoms. So they were treating the bacterial pneumonia with antibiotics & he also was give steroid to reduce the inflammation in his chest. He was also having breathing treatments every 4 hours.

Sunday came & doctor said he was greatly improved. His oxygen was staying at 97%, his heart rate was down to 130 & his respirations were down around 40. MUCH IMPROVED!! Everything continued to get better! Papa Bradley & Grandma Kimmie came to visit in the afternoon! What a blessing! That evening they forced me to take a much need break from the hospital room. We went & ate & then walked through Wal-mart & Target!

By Monday morning we were told we could go home!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! We got everything together, & we finally left around 12noon. We came home & started to adjust to "normal" life again! We mad a chart for the fridge to keep track of medicines & breathing treatments. It really helped! He was taking antibiotics, steroids, iron & vitamin C 2x a day, and breathing treatments 4x a day! He doesn't love the breathing treatments, he just really doesn't like to sit still that long!

Today (Thursday), we had an appointment with our family doctor! Justice is still doing AWESOME!!! He will finish up his antibiotic, he will only take breathing treatments as needed, and he is done with his steroid. We continue to give iron supplements & vitamin C (it helps with absorption of iron). She did order for hemoglobin testing in a few weeks & she also wants Lincoln to be tested!

It is so amazing to me that everything happened so quickly. His sickness peaked quickly & then he recovered quickly. It was making me nervous how quickly he recovered...until I remembered our prayers & who was answering them! Jesus healed our little boy & restored him back to the ornery, fun, & happy little guy that we have grown to love so much! It is so much fun to watch him & Lincoln play together...they missed each other so bad!

I am so thankful that we have a loving God who answers our prayers! When Lincoln was a tiny baby I told Mike that I didn't like singing "Blessed be Your Name" any more because of one part...

You Give & take away
You Give & take away
My heart will choose to say
Blessed be Your Name!!!

I didn't like this part because I had just been given the best blessing that I could have ever imagined. Then along came my little porkchop...Justice! Once again I struggled with this song! I had just told Mike on our trip to Chicago, that I could sing the whole song & truly believe it! I know that I can & will praise God through anything, I am just so grateful that He has seen my heart & chosen not to test my faithfulness...I'm glad he has spared me some heartache! So for now, I choose to be more deliberate in acknowledging God's blessings & returning Praise to Him Alone who is Worthy!

Thanks to everyone who prayed for Justice (my little warrior) & for Mike & I to have strength through all of this! We have amazing, encouraging friends & family...thanks for loving us so much!!!

SYMC Youth Ministry Conference

Last week we went to Chicago for Simply Youth Ministry Conference. I was looking forward to this trip. A much needed break from the everyday tasks of life, and as much as I love my sweet boys...I needed some rest from them also! We started off on Thursday & headed to Omaha! We did some shopping (I had b-day & Christmas money). I found some cute things...Mike however hit the jackpot @ JC Penney! He spent like $53.82 & then the cashier said "You save $232.94!" "WooHoo!" Mike replied....I was so jealous!
We spent the night at Bellevue Settle Inn...prophet's chamber! What an amazing ministry they provide to ministers! Such a blessing to have a relaxing first night away from home. We got up Friday morning & met up with Mike's Cousin Ryon & his wife Cheryl for the rest of our journey to Chicago. The travel day was long & we were tired once we got there...our room...very nice!

The conference was pretty good! We always learn alot! It was loads of fun! We spent the day in sessions & workshops. Then the evening sessions included fun stuff from the skit guys.
We (at least I did...Mike seemed to) also enjoyed Nicole C. Mullen concert & Toby Mac. It was so fun! All of these amazing people really made me feel so humbled & blessed by the way the showed their appreciation for what we in youth ministry do! So encouraging to hear their ministry stories & how thankful they are for youth workers!

This was a fun trip for Mike & I to just have time for us & to reflect on our ministry. We had some great brainstorming sessions & we are encouraged in the work we are doing in young peoples lives!
So...if you or your spouse are in ministry...find a conference to attend...its very encouraging time. It is refreshing for you personally & your ministry.

It was a great trip! A little long to be away from the boys...I was absolutely ready to go home!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


First of all....I'm really annoyed because my last two posts are out of order!!! Hair week was before birthday week...but I posted them both earlier today & posted them backwards...I don't know how to switch them without starting over! GRRR!!

Anyway, some cute thing that have happened with my boys lately.

Justice is growing so fast & learning so many new things! He is always wanting to do what is brother does! This week we were playing & the neighbors dog was barking (this happens alot!) And Justice noticed it & began to mimic the was absolutely adorable! So precious! I love watching his eyes glisten when he discovers something new! He is learning to stop what he is doing & look to me when I call his name! Such a fun age!

Lincoln loves to do animals sounds & we frequently ask what does the_________say? and he follows with the appropriate sound! Well....I asked him one day "what does mama say?" he replied "I LOVE YOU!" Oh for the melting never seems to stop! So I then asked..."what does daddy say?" He said "sooo much!" Mike often says "Lincoln I love you so much!" How sweet! What a treasured thought that of all the things I say to him throughout the day...he remembers that I love him! I cannot even express how sweet this is! If you are a mom you certainly understand! This is what I always want him to know & remember more than anything...that I love him! I learn alot from this kiddo! This instance makes me think about Jesus...and I think of all the things he teaches us & things we read & learn about Him...if we catch one thing...He wants us to know that He loves us! And like Mike says to much! If we can fathom that Jesus loves us...& that He loves us SOOO MUCH, I think that is all we need to know! Sure, there are benefits of knowing more about Jesus & his life & teachings, but it all starts & ends with His love! I am so thankful that my sweet little 2 year old could teach me this!! Thank you Jesus for my sweet little Lincoln & Justice! I love that they continue to teach me so much about You!!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hair week @ my house!!!

So hair week at my house started on Tuesday (2-9-10) with Melissa coming over for the Snowball trial run! It was alot of fun, we did hair & watched American Idol (my fav). Anyway...although she was nervous about exposing her forehead...she trusted me! Our inspiration was was this Carrie Underwood style! So we did it & I think she looked gorgeous!!!

Then Thursday was the next hair day & a busy one!! First I went to get my hair done!! It was great friend Sheri came to hang out at my house while the boys were napping & I got spoiled! My inspiration color was from a young Kelly Clarkson. I was afraid 1) the color was too young for me & 2) it was too bold for me! But I think it turned out pretty good! I really like it!!

After I got home then I had Snowball trial for Mariah! We found another great Carrie Underwood style! Its easy to make the girls look great when they are so beautiful to start with! We had so much fun!

So then to wrap things up, on Saturday...I had 3 girls hair to do!! It was fun & crazy busy...a little frustrating when the hair wouldn't cooperate...but it all turned out pretty good! I did Melissa's first, then Mariah & then Austine! They all looked so pretty!

My BIRTHDAY week!!!

Well...we started out our week going to see our friends Doug & Tami in Longmont, CO. It was a great trip, the boys traveled very well! They were real troopers! We left Sunday after Mikes meeting & then we came home Tuesday!
Keegan, Karson, & Jewel LOVE our boys...and our boys LOVE having the BIG kids to play with! Keegan & Lincoln are birthday buddies...October 28th! Yay for FRIENDS!!! It was a great time of hanging out & visiting with friends (Mike & Doug did do some work too!) It was fun to watch the kids play together!!

On Wednesday, we woke up & Mike started getting ready for work & Lincoln said he wanted to go bye-bye with daddy! So we got him ready & he went to work with Mike for the morning! Really they went for donuts & then Lincoln played at the office while Mike tried to work. Lincoln loves going to play at the office with Daddy, Cody, Jeff & Karen! So, I had the morning at home, just me & my little 'porkchop' Justice! I got lots of snuggles & was great!!! Then we had lunch & naptime, then we got ready to go to Jr High Youth group! We had so much fun! In the middle of youth group I got a delivery of a balloon & a certificate for family pictures with our personal photographer Karen!!! Can't wait to schedule those!!! the end of youth group a few of our high school girls came in blowing whistles & they had a pretty Happy Birthday Crown & a pink feather boa all for me! They were ready to Cristina-nap me! So I gave kisses & hugs to my boys & the girls took me away! I closed my eyes & we drove around town (to confuse me) then we ended up @ Adventures! We all ordered ice cream (and Sheri got French Fries that we all shared). Then they showed me the super cool tie dyed roses, & a balloon & Forbidden fruits valentine candy...New Moon edition...with a picture of Jacob Black...oh silly girls!!! I love them! This was soooo much fun! I feel so loved!!!

On Thursday (my actual birthday), Mike left early to go deliver our inflatable games & so Sheri, I & the kids all went for donuts & coffee! Our great little coffee shop gives a free birthday drink of your choosing! Well, Renee loves me & gave us our donuts free too!!! So fun! She also talked me into trying a Breve, instead of my normal latte! For those of you who don't speak coffee...a latte has steamed milk added to shot of espresso & flavored syrup...well a Breve is steamed half & half instead of good & sooo naughty! Oh well! It was my birth-DAY! Then the boys & I went to hang out at the furniture store with Grandma Kimmie & Papa!! More fun!!! Mike called & said to meet him @ Destination Kitchen for lunch! I arrived to find Nate & Sheri & kids, Mike & flowers!!!!! I had the yummy California BLT....mmm...mmm...Pesto mayo on a focacia bun with apple wood smoked bacon, avocado, cheddar cheese, lettuce & tomato...way beyond tasty!!! OH...and I got to pick a free dessert!!! I picked a delicious chocolate cupcake & brought it home....I still have some! Then we just hung out at home for the rest of the day & had our Bible study that night...and Sheri made me a birthday cake!!!! those days were so exciting that I can't really remember what we did Friday!! I think it was just a normally awesome day with my boys & we hung out with Nate & Sheri....played pitch & THE GIRLS WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only like the second time in a whole year since we started hanging out with them!!!! Oh and 2 of my sweet girls graced us with their presence...really just to have some yummy fruity pebble rice krispie treats!!!! Love you Melissa & Austine!

Now on Saturday, we woke up & had some family time! Then got ready to go! We took the boys to hang out @ Douglas' (adoptive grandparents) house! Then we left for Kearney! When we got to town Mike turned in a different spot...WE WERE GOING ICE SKATING!!! Now...he had previously told me that we were going to do something we had never done together before. I knew we were going to Kearney because we had a gift card to use at a restaurant there. I briefly thought we might go ice skating...but dismissed it because Mike has always said he didn't think it sounded fun! So when he told me thats what we were doing I'm pretty sure I shouted "ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!?!??!?!" It was so much fun! I haven't done that in way too many years than I want to admit & Mike had never been! I can proudly say...neither of us ever fell! I did take breaks because it was kinda scary & lots of people were going soooo fast!!!!We had so much fun! Then we went shopping & I found some great bargains! Then we went to eat at The Alley Rose. It was a great day & even after 10.5 years marriage + 2 years dating....I never get sick of spending time with him! (Ok...somedays I do, but only for a short time).

It was a great birthday week! I am so in love with Mike & so thankful that he constantly tries so hard to help me fall more in love with him everyday!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday, Monday....oh Monday!!!

Not your typical Monday! I actually kinda enjoyed today...really...TODAY WAS AWESOME!!! I just stayed home & hung out with my amazing little boys! Doesn't get much better than that! It was a very nice restful day following such a busy weekend. It's really hard to complain when my day starts & ends with snuggles, hugs, & kisses from cute little boys!

The boys are getting to be so fun together. They play so nicely & laugh & giggle at each other constantly...I LOVE IT!!! Lincoln also was successful in potty training today...which makes Momma extremely happy! I do however, need to stock up on some fun surprises for days like today! He is growing up so fast. He is learning to pick up all his toys (I help of course!) but today before, nap & bedtime he picked them up & put them away! I am so proud of him! Justice is starting to really be a jabber-box!! He still says Mom-mom & Dadadadadad. But he has added Papa & mo ( of course) & something that sounded like Justice!! He is full of smiles & giggles these days, which is so fun!

I was not so productive today...unless you call a nap productive! I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping while the boys did today! I did also make some super delish Chicken Enchiladas for lunch! I do still need to empty all the trash (tomorrow is trash day) & rotate dishes in the dishwasher & plan meals for the week! Hmmm...we'll see what happens!

Oh the joys of bathtime!!!! My boys have so much fun together!!! They are so cute!!
Lincoln loves the bubbles & tells me Momma...I have a beard!

I love being a mommy...just in case any was wondering! It is so much better than I could have ever imagined! This will be repeated much throughout this Blog! My boys are such a blessing to me! I think that they teach me so much about the Father's love for us too! I feel like I understand a little more each day how much HE loves us...all because of these 2 amazing little people that I love so much! I am so thankful for the ways He continues to teach me & bless me! My prayer is always that we can raise these little boys to be Mighty Warriors for Jesus! So if you think about it...join me in this!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What a weekend!!!

What a great few days I have had lately! Thursday evening we kicked off our small group study of 6 Secrets to a Lasting Love...we are a few weeks behind the rest of the church, but I am so excited for this study! So my Thursday consisted of cleaning house & baking some thankful for my sweet friend Sheri who came to help with kids & cleaning!

Friday we got all ready for our annual trip to Omaha for NCC's Jr Hi rally GORF. It was an amazing weekend for us & our students. It is always so much fun to see friends & kinda catch up! I love it!! (I'm not even gonna try to name all of the people I was so blessed to know who you are) We stayed in the NCC dorms Friday night & even shopped a little on Saturday before coming home. The boys stayed 2 nights with Grandma & Papa...they had lots of fun...Lincoln never seems ready to come home. It is so strange to me that I was gone from my 2 little sweethearts for less than 48 hours & they seem to have grown up alot! Not really fair to Momma!! The best part about being gone is the generous amount of snuggles & loves we get from them when we get home!

Today was awesome!!! First I got up & got ready for church in an empty house...then I went & got my boys!! AMAZING...we were even a little early for church today! I LOVE SUNDAYS!! I always get recharged & refreshed with our morning of worship & then hanging out with our Awesome youth kids in the evening. Today was fun was the Super Bowl Party...The Rock was filled with area kids & it was a crazy place. I was quite surprised about how few people actually were there to watch the game. Most students were busy with other activities.

Ok...well...I feel like this post is kinda random! So I'm gonna quit now! Thanks for listening!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Here I Go!!!

Well...I have thought about doing this for sometime now, but always thought..."what would I write about & who will read this?" Hmmm...both good questions, but I think it could be fun! I have enjoyed reading some great BLOGS recently & decided to join the fun!

I am soo blessed! First, my husband loves me more than I deserve & I am so thankful for him everyday! We have 2 amazing little boys! They bring so much JOY into my life! They are so amazing!

Lincoln is 2 & he is learning from his daddy how to treat me. He knows that to wake the princess, she needs kisses, and for about a week & a half, I have been waking up to a sweet little Lincoln face giving me kisses until he has my full attention. When he woke up from his nap today, he came out & snuggled with me on the loveseat. After a phone call from Mike, Lincoln gently touched my face & said "Mama, I like your face!" Then he touched my cheek & said "your cheek...and the other one." What a little sweetheart! These moments melt my heart!

Justice is 10 months old & he is so ornery! Sweet too...but mostly ornery! He is getting a mouth full of teeth & he likes to show them off with his cute little nose scrunched up all cute! He is starting to really jabber! His favorite words are Mom mom, dad dad & he likes to make kissy noises when we ask for kisses!

My hopes to grow from blogging include:
1) Remember more little thing that happen with my boys!
2) Recognize & praise Jesus in the little things.
3) Provide joyful moments to those who read.
4) Share my source for JOY.

So...just so everyone knows! My ultimate source for JOY is Jesus! He has given me an amazing family. I love how He continues to bless me!