Monday, November 18, 2013

Lens Giveaway from Crave my Photography!

Ok...I'm really hoping to win a new fabulous lens...but I'd take the mentoring workshop too!

I'd love to win so that I can use either prize to enhance my photographs!  First faces I'd capture or edit -- My 3 little handsome boys - Lincoln, Justice & Zeke...always my favorite subjects!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

In March of 1996 I took my first mission trip to Mexico to work in an orphanage.  As a 17 year old girl, the experience of this trip changed my life.  Although I had already dedicated my life to Christ, this was certainly a turning point in my life and deciding to serve Him full time.  I was able to see first-hand the impact of a life lived without the love of Christ.  Since that trip I have had the opportunity to return to that orphanage as a sponsor for high school kids.  It was so wonderful to see some of the children that I had remembered from the previous trip.  I think in America we don’t necessarily see the big picture of children abandoned or left orphans by their families.  This was something that hit me like a ton of bricks on my third trip to Mexico.  While we were there a family of 6 children were dropped off and left at the orphanage because their parents no longer wanted them. This was absolutely devastating to me.  While I am no longer na├»ve enough to think things like this do not happen in America, I was never aware of it before, so this impacted me greatly.  From that point on, I was committed to giving all that I could to make sure everyone had the opportunity to know the true LOVE of our Savior. 

This coming February 14th - 18th I have to opportunity to return to Mexico and share Christ’s love.  I will be joining a team from StoneBridge Christian Church (Omaha, NE) and traveling to Puerto Penasco, Mexico.  We will be working with Amor Ministries and building two homes for needy families in the city.  Families in Puerto Penasco apply for homes and Pastors from Amor line up homes to be built.  All labor is done manually: no power tools, cement mixers, etc.  We want to show the family and others that they can build and make improvements without needing power tools since many areas do not have electricity.  As much of an impact that I think a trip like this has on the people we will be serving, I know from experience that it will be an even bigger blessing for me to be able to serve them.

I am asking for you to partner with me for this trip in two ways. First and most important, I covet your prayers.  Mission trips can be risky.  Please pray for our safety, strength and good health!  Also, pray that our efforts will make a difference and that our work will demonstrate the love of Christ.   Secondly, I am asking for you to help support me financially.   The cost of the trip is about $750.  I will be sending in my deposit the 1st of November and purchasing my plane tickets as soon as possible.  

If you are interested in supporting me financially, please contact me via email or message me on Facebook and I will get you the details.  

Thanks for your prayers and support!