Sunday, February 21, 2010


First of all....I'm really annoyed because my last two posts are out of order!!! Hair week was before birthday week...but I posted them both earlier today & posted them backwards...I don't know how to switch them without starting over! GRRR!!

Anyway, some cute thing that have happened with my boys lately.

Justice is growing so fast & learning so many new things! He is always wanting to do what is brother does! This week we were playing & the neighbors dog was barking (this happens alot!) And Justice noticed it & began to mimic the was absolutely adorable! So precious! I love watching his eyes glisten when he discovers something new! He is learning to stop what he is doing & look to me when I call his name! Such a fun age!

Lincoln loves to do animals sounds & we frequently ask what does the_________say? and he follows with the appropriate sound! Well....I asked him one day "what does mama say?" he replied "I LOVE YOU!" Oh for the melting never seems to stop! So I then asked..."what does daddy say?" He said "sooo much!" Mike often says "Lincoln I love you so much!" How sweet! What a treasured thought that of all the things I say to him throughout the day...he remembers that I love him! I cannot even express how sweet this is! If you are a mom you certainly understand! This is what I always want him to know & remember more than anything...that I love him! I learn alot from this kiddo! This instance makes me think about Jesus...and I think of all the things he teaches us & things we read & learn about Him...if we catch one thing...He wants us to know that He loves us! And like Mike says to much! If we can fathom that Jesus loves us...& that He loves us SOOO MUCH, I think that is all we need to know! Sure, there are benefits of knowing more about Jesus & his life & teachings, but it all starts & ends with His love! I am so thankful that my sweet little 2 year old could teach me this!! Thank you Jesus for my sweet little Lincoln & Justice! I love that they continue to teach me so much about You!!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hair week @ my house!!!

So hair week at my house started on Tuesday (2-9-10) with Melissa coming over for the Snowball trial run! It was alot of fun, we did hair & watched American Idol (my fav). Anyway...although she was nervous about exposing her forehead...she trusted me! Our inspiration was was this Carrie Underwood style! So we did it & I think she looked gorgeous!!!

Then Thursday was the next hair day & a busy one!! First I went to get my hair done!! It was great friend Sheri came to hang out at my house while the boys were napping & I got spoiled! My inspiration color was from a young Kelly Clarkson. I was afraid 1) the color was too young for me & 2) it was too bold for me! But I think it turned out pretty good! I really like it!!

After I got home then I had Snowball trial for Mariah! We found another great Carrie Underwood style! Its easy to make the girls look great when they are so beautiful to start with! We had so much fun!

So then to wrap things up, on Saturday...I had 3 girls hair to do!! It was fun & crazy busy...a little frustrating when the hair wouldn't cooperate...but it all turned out pretty good! I did Melissa's first, then Mariah & then Austine! They all looked so pretty!

My BIRTHDAY week!!!

Well...we started out our week going to see our friends Doug & Tami in Longmont, CO. It was a great trip, the boys traveled very well! They were real troopers! We left Sunday after Mikes meeting & then we came home Tuesday!
Keegan, Karson, & Jewel LOVE our boys...and our boys LOVE having the BIG kids to play with! Keegan & Lincoln are birthday buddies...October 28th! Yay for FRIENDS!!! It was a great time of hanging out & visiting with friends (Mike & Doug did do some work too!) It was fun to watch the kids play together!!

On Wednesday, we woke up & Mike started getting ready for work & Lincoln said he wanted to go bye-bye with daddy! So we got him ready & he went to work with Mike for the morning! Really they went for donuts & then Lincoln played at the office while Mike tried to work. Lincoln loves going to play at the office with Daddy, Cody, Jeff & Karen! So, I had the morning at home, just me & my little 'porkchop' Justice! I got lots of snuggles & was great!!! Then we had lunch & naptime, then we got ready to go to Jr High Youth group! We had so much fun! In the middle of youth group I got a delivery of a balloon & a certificate for family pictures with our personal photographer Karen!!! Can't wait to schedule those!!! the end of youth group a few of our high school girls came in blowing whistles & they had a pretty Happy Birthday Crown & a pink feather boa all for me! They were ready to Cristina-nap me! So I gave kisses & hugs to my boys & the girls took me away! I closed my eyes & we drove around town (to confuse me) then we ended up @ Adventures! We all ordered ice cream (and Sheri got French Fries that we all shared). Then they showed me the super cool tie dyed roses, & a balloon & Forbidden fruits valentine candy...New Moon edition...with a picture of Jacob Black...oh silly girls!!! I love them! This was soooo much fun! I feel so loved!!!

On Thursday (my actual birthday), Mike left early to go deliver our inflatable games & so Sheri, I & the kids all went for donuts & coffee! Our great little coffee shop gives a free birthday drink of your choosing! Well, Renee loves me & gave us our donuts free too!!! So fun! She also talked me into trying a Breve, instead of my normal latte! For those of you who don't speak coffee...a latte has steamed milk added to shot of espresso & flavored syrup...well a Breve is steamed half & half instead of good & sooo naughty! Oh well! It was my birth-DAY! Then the boys & I went to hang out at the furniture store with Grandma Kimmie & Papa!! More fun!!! Mike called & said to meet him @ Destination Kitchen for lunch! I arrived to find Nate & Sheri & kids, Mike & flowers!!!!! I had the yummy California BLT....mmm...mmm...Pesto mayo on a focacia bun with apple wood smoked bacon, avocado, cheddar cheese, lettuce & tomato...way beyond tasty!!! OH...and I got to pick a free dessert!!! I picked a delicious chocolate cupcake & brought it home....I still have some! Then we just hung out at home for the rest of the day & had our Bible study that night...and Sheri made me a birthday cake!!!! those days were so exciting that I can't really remember what we did Friday!! I think it was just a normally awesome day with my boys & we hung out with Nate & Sheri....played pitch & THE GIRLS WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only like the second time in a whole year since we started hanging out with them!!!! Oh and 2 of my sweet girls graced us with their presence...really just to have some yummy fruity pebble rice krispie treats!!!! Love you Melissa & Austine!

Now on Saturday, we woke up & had some family time! Then got ready to go! We took the boys to hang out @ Douglas' (adoptive grandparents) house! Then we left for Kearney! When we got to town Mike turned in a different spot...WE WERE GOING ICE SKATING!!! Now...he had previously told me that we were going to do something we had never done together before. I knew we were going to Kearney because we had a gift card to use at a restaurant there. I briefly thought we might go ice skating...but dismissed it because Mike has always said he didn't think it sounded fun! So when he told me thats what we were doing I'm pretty sure I shouted "ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!?!??!?!" It was so much fun! I haven't done that in way too many years than I want to admit & Mike had never been! I can proudly say...neither of us ever fell! I did take breaks because it was kinda scary & lots of people were going soooo fast!!!!We had so much fun! Then we went shopping & I found some great bargains! Then we went to eat at The Alley Rose. It was a great day & even after 10.5 years marriage + 2 years dating....I never get sick of spending time with him! (Ok...somedays I do, but only for a short time).

It was a great birthday week! I am so in love with Mike & so thankful that he constantly tries so hard to help me fall more in love with him everyday!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday, Monday....oh Monday!!!

Not your typical Monday! I actually kinda enjoyed today...really...TODAY WAS AWESOME!!! I just stayed home & hung out with my amazing little boys! Doesn't get much better than that! It was a very nice restful day following such a busy weekend. It's really hard to complain when my day starts & ends with snuggles, hugs, & kisses from cute little boys!

The boys are getting to be so fun together. They play so nicely & laugh & giggle at each other constantly...I LOVE IT!!! Lincoln also was successful in potty training today...which makes Momma extremely happy! I do however, need to stock up on some fun surprises for days like today! He is growing up so fast. He is learning to pick up all his toys (I help of course!) but today before, nap & bedtime he picked them up & put them away! I am so proud of him! Justice is starting to really be a jabber-box!! He still says Mom-mom & Dadadadadad. But he has added Papa & mo ( of course) & something that sounded like Justice!! He is full of smiles & giggles these days, which is so fun!

I was not so productive today...unless you call a nap productive! I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping while the boys did today! I did also make some super delish Chicken Enchiladas for lunch! I do still need to empty all the trash (tomorrow is trash day) & rotate dishes in the dishwasher & plan meals for the week! Hmmm...we'll see what happens!

Oh the joys of bathtime!!!! My boys have so much fun together!!! They are so cute!!
Lincoln loves the bubbles & tells me Momma...I have a beard!

I love being a mommy...just in case any was wondering! It is so much better than I could have ever imagined! This will be repeated much throughout this Blog! My boys are such a blessing to me! I think that they teach me so much about the Father's love for us too! I feel like I understand a little more each day how much HE loves us...all because of these 2 amazing little people that I love so much! I am so thankful for the ways He continues to teach me & bless me! My prayer is always that we can raise these little boys to be Mighty Warriors for Jesus! So if you think about it...join me in this!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What a weekend!!!

What a great few days I have had lately! Thursday evening we kicked off our small group study of 6 Secrets to a Lasting Love...we are a few weeks behind the rest of the church, but I am so excited for this study! So my Thursday consisted of cleaning house & baking some thankful for my sweet friend Sheri who came to help with kids & cleaning!

Friday we got all ready for our annual trip to Omaha for NCC's Jr Hi rally GORF. It was an amazing weekend for us & our students. It is always so much fun to see friends & kinda catch up! I love it!! (I'm not even gonna try to name all of the people I was so blessed to know who you are) We stayed in the NCC dorms Friday night & even shopped a little on Saturday before coming home. The boys stayed 2 nights with Grandma & Papa...they had lots of fun...Lincoln never seems ready to come home. It is so strange to me that I was gone from my 2 little sweethearts for less than 48 hours & they seem to have grown up alot! Not really fair to Momma!! The best part about being gone is the generous amount of snuggles & loves we get from them when we get home!

Today was awesome!!! First I got up & got ready for church in an empty house...then I went & got my boys!! AMAZING...we were even a little early for church today! I LOVE SUNDAYS!! I always get recharged & refreshed with our morning of worship & then hanging out with our Awesome youth kids in the evening. Today was fun was the Super Bowl Party...The Rock was filled with area kids & it was a crazy place. I was quite surprised about how few people actually were there to watch the game. Most students were busy with other activities.

Ok...well...I feel like this post is kinda random! So I'm gonna quit now! Thanks for listening!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Here I Go!!!

Well...I have thought about doing this for sometime now, but always thought..."what would I write about & who will read this?" Hmmm...both good questions, but I think it could be fun! I have enjoyed reading some great BLOGS recently & decided to join the fun!

I am soo blessed! First, my husband loves me more than I deserve & I am so thankful for him everyday! We have 2 amazing little boys! They bring so much JOY into my life! They are so amazing!

Lincoln is 2 & he is learning from his daddy how to treat me. He knows that to wake the princess, she needs kisses, and for about a week & a half, I have been waking up to a sweet little Lincoln face giving me kisses until he has my full attention. When he woke up from his nap today, he came out & snuggled with me on the loveseat. After a phone call from Mike, Lincoln gently touched my face & said "Mama, I like your face!" Then he touched my cheek & said "your cheek...and the other one." What a little sweetheart! These moments melt my heart!

Justice is 10 months old & he is so ornery! Sweet too...but mostly ornery! He is getting a mouth full of teeth & he likes to show them off with his cute little nose scrunched up all cute! He is starting to really jabber! His favorite words are Mom mom, dad dad & he likes to make kissy noises when we ask for kisses!

My hopes to grow from blogging include:
1) Remember more little thing that happen with my boys!
2) Recognize & praise Jesus in the little things.
3) Provide joyful moments to those who read.
4) Share my source for JOY.

So...just so everyone knows! My ultimate source for JOY is Jesus! He has given me an amazing family. I love how He continues to bless me!