Friday, May 14, 2010

Thing I learned today!

So, like usual, I have been wanting to post for awhile now & just haven't gotten it done!  But I learned so MUCH today that I had to take time to share!

1) When trying to serve my husband, I should stick to what I know well & am good at.  I HATE MOWING THE LAWN!!!!! Next time I feel like I should 'help him out, cuz he's busy", I will absolutely just bake him something to show my appreciation!
     Things I learned while mowing the lawn!

  1. Do Not wear flip flops! No one got inured...just GREEN!
  2. Do Not wear shorts! injuries, just GREEN!
  3. The mower gets clogged easily when our grass is wet. 
  4. It hard to keep the mower started when it is clogged.
  5. If an acrylic nail bursts off while trying to start the mower, it hurts & that should have been my first clue to stop trying to mow the lawn!
  6. When there is so much grass that I need to prop open the back flap, I need to later re-mow it with the flap closed. (Sorry, Mike I was really trying to be helpful!)
  7.  The mower is easier to push when I remember to hold the handle that engages the self-propelling part!
  8.  Wet grass is slippery...esp in flip flops, trying to push a mower without holding the handle for self propel!

2) I learned that my boys will spend ALOT of time in the new sandbox this summer! And probably for many years to come!
     Things I learned about the sandbox!

  1. I will need to have an outdoor bathing option, or my house will become the sandbox!
  2. Boys & Girls are WAY different! Whether you are 1, 2, or 31!  I would fill the bucket & try to make a super cool castle & everytime the boys would smash it as soon as the bucket was removed to expose the super coolness that I had just made!  Then Lincoln would fill the bucket & I would help him turn it upside down & he would remove the bucket & tell me "Momma! Smash it!" 

3) Two year olds will say exactly what they are thinking! You never have to wonder! Examples....

  1. Lincoln burst into my room & I asked "what are you doing?"  he replied "Momma! I'm looking at you!"
  2. At the store when I was explaining to Lincoln that if he was good & listened to me then we could go get ice cream when we were done, he said "but Momma, I don't wanna listen!
All kidding aside!  I LOVE my boys so much! Yesterday during lunch we had already prayed but Justice folds his hands & says "EEE-sus" So we proceed to talk to Jesus again!  Lincoln joins in! "Thank you Jesus for my Momma! AMEN!" heart melts! Well...he kept doing it...adding Daddy, Justice & Lincoln, but I'm guess about a dozen times yesterday I heard my sweetie say Thank you to Jesus for his Momma! THAT'S ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST SOUND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah!  I was also very productive today!  
  1. I deep cleaned the boys bathroom!  Doesn't happen very often (don't boys are 1 & 2.5...I'm quite busy) It does get surface cleaned semi-regularly!  But today I cleaned out under the sink, toilets, floors, sink, counter, tub, washed the tub toys, washed the no slip bath mat! So, if you wanna see it clean I suggest you come see me tonight, tomorrow or Sunday, after that I'm not making any promises!
  2. I made a valance for Lincoln's room out of the pillow shams that came with his comforter set!  I then took down the rod in Justice's room & moved it into Lincoln's room & hung his new valance. Then I found another rod to put Justice's curtain on (temporarily)! All of this before nap time! Once I took down the curtain in J's room, I had to finish the project so they could have dark rooms to nap in!
  3. I MOWED THE BACK YARD! Yep, just the back yard, but I did trim the weeds too! 
  4. I took a shower! Again...don't judge!  It's a pretty big deal to get a shower some days! Today though, being that my legs & feet were was a necessity!
  5. I went to the store & then got ice cream with my boys!
  6. Went to the Rock for the concert for a little while!
It's been a great day!