Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wyoming trip & fun stuff!!

We had an AMAZING trip to Wyoming & Western Nebraska.  Such an encouraging time to meet with friends & former youth group students & some parents.  I don't think there is anything more encouraging than to see former students who are all grown up & still living faithfully for Jesus!!!!! I'm so thankful we had a part in their lives & now we get to partner again with them in ministry!  The trip was also very fruitful for our fundraising efforts. God is truly blessing us!!!! ALL PRAISE TO HIM!!!

The boys traveled so well!!! Poor Lincoln did get cars sick on the first day of travel.  This has never happened before!  It was so ridiculously windy!!! This made travel very....swervy!!  Poor little guy!  But he slept it all off once we arrived at our friends house!  YAY!!!!  But other than that, they traveled great...I think we logged about 1700 miles by the time we got home!  I'm so thankful that they did so well!!!

We returned home to very warm weather & this pregnant girl was a little grumpy thinking the Northwest Kansas had decided to skip spring all together & jump straight to summer :( But no worries...our AC works just fine!  Ha ha!!!!  So yesterday, Mike was watering the lawn & the boys discovered the sprinkler!  THEY HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!  We grilled steaks & then later toasted marshmallows over the grill!!!  I love these boys so much & I'm so blessed to have them!