Monday, June 28, 2010

High school camp @ Lakeview

So...I promised to update throughout our summer craziness and as I'm sitting here at Boondocker, I realized that I had not posted anything about our first week of camp.

Anyway, that was a few weeks ago & it was awesome!!! The boys & I stayed in our camper, they did great!! They loved playing at camp.  We all had a lot of fun.

I led a family group of girls! They were so much fun...just fabulous!!! 

I love how real Jesus becomes to the students at camp. It is so amazing to see Him work in their lives!

The sunset picture, I took walking to chapel one night.  There are several things I love about the pic! I love the pretty sunset & how the light shining links like a cross next to the wooden cross. I love the view if the chapel over the lake. Most of all I love seeing the group if men gathered in prayer. They were praying for the evening speaker & lifting one another up! I love the commitment that these men have for sharing Christ with the students.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our craziness begins!!!! SUMMER!!!!!

Ok....for those of you who don't know(I'm guessing, if you're reading my blog you know this, but just in case) husband Mike is a youth minister & summer is CrAzY!!!!!!!!!!!!  Anyway our summer is in full swing & the busyness starts!!!

This week we are getting ready for our first week of church camp! We leave for high school camp on Sunday afternoon.  I will be going & taking the boys.  We will stay in our camper & have lots of fun! We will still get to see Mike everyday & even hang out with him some!  Which is WAY better than staying at home & not even seeing him a little bit!  My little boys kinda like their daddy! So, that means I am busy getting the camper cleaned, loaded, stocked, etc...ready for the first trip of the year!  Also, laundry, shopping list for food, snacks, sun/bug stuff, toys, etc!  I TAKE SO MUCH STUFF!!! Gotta be prepared! Oh & a trip to Kearney to pick up supplies & such.  I am doing a jewelry making class at camp! We will be making earrings out of soda cans....lots of fun!

Oh  & part of our trip to Kearney is because Saturday is our 11th anniversary!!!! Where does the time go?!?!??!  11 years is a long time!  It's amazing!  So anyway, hopefully, we will get to spend some quality time together getting ready for camp, doing a little shopping & I think we are going to finish the day off with yummy Prime Rib dinner @ Cunningham's Feed in Arapahoe...oooh...maybe I will see what movie is playing too!

Soo for the rest of our summer we will be busy as well! I'm sure I will write more later, but here's a preview!!

June 5th - 11th ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!
June 6-11 HS Camp @ Lakeview
June 12 - Inflatable Game Rental
June 13 - My Parents ARRIVE!!! (sometime this week I think)
June 19 - my baby sister turns 13 & Mike has a wedding to do!
June  27-July 1st - BOONDOCKER CAMP
July 4th - Extravaganza with our super duper awesome friends...SOOO EXCITED!!!!
July 24-30...Mike has mission trip (not sure what me & the boys are doing yet! We might go visit him)
August 1-6,7,8, or 9 - Me & boys & Bri (super great youth group girl to help me) will be traveling across Nebraska & Wyoming to the Tetons for a little Roelfsema Family Vacation/Reunion.  We will probably do Yellowstone to!!! Pretty excited about this trip! Sad Mike can't come but WAY excited that Bri is willing to come help me with the's a LONG WAY to the Tetons from here!

Anyway, I will *hopefully* write about each of these events along the way!  Pleas be in prayer for all of this!  Pray for our ministry to change lives & reach kids!  Summer is crazy, but a super influential time in the lives of these youth!  We LOVE this!!!!  YAY for summer & CAMP!!!!

Ok....I lied!

So I lied!  I said I would never mow the lawn again...but I did...and I kinda liked it!  Last week we were getting ready to go for a youth ministry leadership retreat & Mike was super busy & so I though I can do it.  He had given me a few pointers after the last fiasco with I tried again! The backyard was pretty easy!  The boys played in the sand box for most of the time while mowing!  The front yard however seemed to take forever! I was constantly having to stop to tell Justice "don't eat the sidewalk chalk...its icky" & to pick Justice up when he fell down. Lincoln does pretty good, except when he's trying to talk to me and I can't hear him! So anyway...I said I kinda liked it!  I did! I'm thinking it was HARD work & our yard is much bigger when you're mowing than it is when you're playing! I actually enjoy using the weed eater!  Anyway, I do need to mow again before we leave for camp on Sunday! So maybe....I might really like it this time!