Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Great Article!!!

This girl is speaking my story!  I really needed this!  Sometimes its so easy to forget that God is always there even when things are so uncertain.  Change is hard for me...this moving & starting over bit, I DON'T LIKE IT!!!  I am not one to reach out, ask for help, seek friends etc.  So...obviously this is a difficult transition for me despite all of the things we are dealing with @ home.  BUT....GOD is ALWAYS FAITHFUL...he will always be my rock.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Earlier today we were driving around & my boys insisted on listening to "Light up the Sky" by the Afters, over & over precious to hear their sweet little voices trying to sing along...can you just imagine?  Lincoln does really well, and Justice...he's just cute while he sings it! So seriously we listened to it probably 12ish times.  Each time before the chorus, Lincoln would say "are you ready Momma?"  Then we would sing the chorus together...really loud!!  Then at the end of the song, he would say, "I want to listen to light up sky again!" (Have I ever mentioned how much these boys melt my heart?)

Anyway, it was so much fun!! Here's the song!!

"light up the sky, to show me you are with me!" AND...that's exactly what God did tonight!!! SO AMAZING!!!!!  He has really been reminding me of His presence lately!  I am so in AWE of His POWER & GREATNESS.  From everything He is doing in my life & teaching me lately and also the AWESOME light shows he creates...I like to think sometimes He is just showing off, or maybe just wants to make me smile, or wants me to have a little fun trying to capture a little bit of his GREATNESS on camera!  Well, I was so surprised tonight to see that I did just that!! I had some fun & captured what His GREATNESS looks like to us on earth!  What a great reminder of a CREATOR!!!!

Here are the best of the night!!

Hope you take some time to recognize the Greatness of the Creator!  I'M SO IN LOVE!!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Best Dill Pickles Grandma's homemade!!!

So, as a girl growing up I can always remember having homemade dill pickles @ my Grandma's house.  THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!  So now as an adult(LOL) I have attempted to make them myself.  I tried a few years ago & didn't do something quite right, they didn't stay crispy or crunchy...they got kinda soggy :(  This was 2 summers last year, while visiting my Grandma, we of course had her homemade pickles..which prompted me to ask what makes them stay crispy...she told me & so I was alot more careful this time to make sure I did it right (I hope).  Anyway, thanks to a friend with a large garden, I made pickles today!  I can't wait to try them...but I know I need to!

1 head of fresh dill
one garlic clove
1/8 tsp Alum
piece of horseradish about 1 inch long 
(I can't find my pickles won't quite be the same...need to plant some in my garden for next year)


Scrub cukes and cut off ends
Whole Pickles
Slices for Burgers & Such!

Pack into sterilized jars and cover
with boiling brine made from:

1/4 c pickling salt
1/2 c vinegar
3 cups water

All Packed in!!

Boiling Brine

Adding Brine!

Seal with lids (I just put my lids on & turn them upside down...then as they cool, they seal...EASY)!!!

YUMMY!!! Enjoy the BEST DILL PICKLE EVER!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Best of the night!  Actually only got 2 strikes...mostly the lightning was sheety....which made for cool looking clouds.  The nice orange glow comes from the lights of the prison!  

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Kinda  having a rough day...trying to remain confident that someone else is in control of my life & I can trust Him. 

I HATE being pessimistic.  But lately those negative thoughts seem to be blaringly louder than anything else I hear.  It is so frustrating for this "glass half full girl" to not be able to deal with the negativity.  This is something I have never struggled with.  I am always the positive one, the encourager, the joyful one.  But for some reason, Satan is really getting to me lately.  He picks & prauds until I can't take anymore & I feel like I just want to scream,( but I don't cuss(rarely-anyway)) so I usually just end up in tears of frustration to get it all out!  After the tears have stopped, I compose myself & try to seek some encouragement!  Sometimes that is just by opening the Scripture & camping out in the Book of Psalms for awhile & sometimes it is finding just the right song to listen to..which usually leads me to Scripture. 

This song, I heard a couple of weeks ago & I LOVE IT!!! It was just what I needed to hear today(and lots of days, actually)

4 You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. (1 John 4:4)

14 This is why it is said:
   “Wake up, sleeper, 
   rise from the dead, 
   and Christ will shine on you.” (Ephesians 5:14)

Such great reminders :)