Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blogger on my phone!

Ok!  So I may have just found my new addiction!  I haven't tried it yet, but.....I did download an app for my phone to let me BLOG from & everything!  We will see how it goes! Maybe I will actually post  more!

City Wide Clean Up!!!

Oh city wide clean my thriftiness (cheapness) LOVES YOU!!!!

OK for those of you not familiar with Norton, KS...let me explain! Twice a year our CITY hosts city wide clean up! Basically on my regular trash day, I can set out ANYTHING (within the guidelines) and they will come by & pick it up...up to like 2 trucks full! AMAZING huh?!?! So, that's one way to look at it...Here's how I normally see it! I go treasure hunting, dumpster diving, trash digging etc...or let's just say shopping! HA!! I don't dig through trash etc. I simply drive around town look for things if I see something I like I stop & pick it up. Mostly things like furniture or kids outside toys! The way I have to do it though is to "SHOP" before my actual pick up in the event that someone threw something out because it was really JUNK (not just old to them) I can set it out on my curb & have it hauled away!! So anyway, I am always hoping to find something great! I probably should be more inclined to get rid of my own junk rather than shop in others, but sometimes I find really great things! I will let you know what I find!

Friday, April 23, 2010

American Idol

Every year I cannot wait for the new season of American Idol to start! Ever since season #4 (Carrie Underwood-winner) I was hooked! I also thoroughly enjoy almost all of the "American Idol" winners music. Seasons 1,4,6,7,8 winners! (Kelly Clarkson, Carrie, Jordin Sparks, David Cook, & Kris Allen) And I also enjoy other contestants(non-winner) Daughtry, Bo Bice, Phil Stacy, Elliott Yamin, & even sometimes Kelli Pickler! could say that I'm addicted and I'm ok with that!'s my little issue with AI & my obsession. Every year they do a HUGE show called Idol Gives Back. They raise support for hungry & suffering people in America & around the world. It is truly amazing to see the video of some of these 'idols' & also the judges on the show go to these poor/suffering areas. I see the sweet babies in Africa who are dying from malaria, aids etc. & the orphans & my heart breaks! I don't know how many times during the show I said to Mike "I want to bring her home" "I want him" "oh....look" etc, etc, etc. I see these celebrities looking "normal" in appearance just wonder what must be going through their mind other than how sad it is that people actually live like this.

Anyway...they paint this incredible picture of poverty & beg for us to "give what you can" Which is all fine & good except for the fact that I just feel like they are putting a band-aid on the injury instead of giving true healing. I know this is most likely due to the fact that most of them also are just walking around with band-aids on their wounds...wondering if there is a healer!

I know that my passion for this is
1. Based on my relationship with Jesus & not wanting to ever go through life without Him.
2. Also because of giving money & sharing Jesus at the same time & just loving people the way I think that Christ would.
3. Having friends who have dedicated many years of their lives living in these poverty stricken areas for the sole purpose of spreading the Gospel of Jesus!

I don't want to sound cold, or harsh to think that this money is given in vain. But I just wish that something this big could be used to spread the message of the true Healer & not just pass out band-aids. I guess my prayer is that people who have benefited from the generosity of 'idol give back' could be connected with people who can lead them to Jesus!

OH...and I will continue to watch this season & my favorites are (in no particular order...or maybe alphabetical...just to be safe) Casey, Crystal, & Lee. If they aren't the top 3 I might be upset! And come next January I'm sure I will get all caught up in it again...even if Simon won't be there! OK....I'm done!


So I keep feeling the need/want to post, but I never seem to have much of importance to write about! The things in my head are kinda jumbled lately! So here are my random thoughts about the past month or so since my last post. (oh laptop cord is on the fritz & currently my lappy is dead! So that means I have no pics or videos to add to this post since I am using Mike's OLD laptop & it has fried USB ports so....frustrating)

JUSTICE is WALKING!!! So cute!!!

Easter was so much fun this year! The kids were so cute! We did get some really cute pics of all 6 Sander grandkids! They all had so much fun playing together! It was a beautiful day to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus!!!

The next 2 weekends consisted of PROM (Norton & Northern Valley) For Norton prom I fixed 3 girls hair! Then for NV prom I fixed 2 girls hair! Also NV post prom rented inflatable games for us so Mike was busy with delivery & set up of those!

During this madness, my almost 2 year old nephew Dorian was taken to the hospital & later diagnosed with Epilepsy. Please keep him & his Mommy (Mike's sister Starr) in your prayers as this will be a long battle of figuring all of this out! She is very strong & can handle it, but it is quite exhausting!