Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh Summer!!!

It came so fast & it is leaving even faster!! Seems like school just got out & here we are thinking about all the back 2 school stuff!! YIKES!!! Where does the time go?!?!

Well, a few weeks ago we went to BOONDOCKER!  What a fun camp!  The boys & I take the camper (while the JR HI kids are sleeping in tents)...I know we're spoiled!  Mike was the dean, I taught a class & played nurse!  LET ME TELL YOU...what an adventure!  I am amazed at the things kids will come to the nurse at camp for...seriously guys...a scraped knee that I wouldn't even bandage for my 2 year old & these 13 & 14 years old boys were wanting it cleaned out & medicated & bandaged!  THEN...they shudder with pain from the peroxide while I was cleaning it!  OH MY!! Then I had a girls who caught an air soft bi-bi in her lip....and acted like it was no big deal...she was just bleeding!  It was crazy!  I had kids wanting band-aids for mosquito bites!!! HA!!! My sympathetic side went out the window very quickly!! Oh well!!!

My class was fun though!! We (my high school helpers & I) gave JR HI girls pedicures & then we talked about pretty piggies!  I reminded the girls that the Bible says " beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news!"  I told them that this is what our purpose was & that we needed & wanted pretty feet, so as a reminder when we see our pretty feet or when we are painting those piggies to think about what we are doing to bring the good news & have beautiful feet like God wants us to!  It was so much fun!  The girls LOVED getting spoiled & pampered at the "rough" camp!!

Right before Boondocker, we went on a little adventure to look at a suburban for Mike...we drove 2.5 hours to see it...It is a 1966 Suburban....it's pretty cool!  We bought it & drove it home!  So fun for us!  The little boys LOVE it....Justice giggles every time you step on the gas!!! Too cute!!

We had a great 4th of July!  Celebrating with friends & family!  We spent most of the day at our friends house...backyard party...so much fun! They boys played in the pool, enjoyed sack races & lots of food & fun!!  Later we went to Mike's parents house to shoot off fireworks! The boys did great!  So much fun!!!

On Saturday, Mike left on the annual youth mission trip! He took kids to the mountains above Denver, to a conference called NYR...nationwide youth roundup...they have main sessions, speakers & worship.  Then part of the day they travel down to work at the Salvation Army.  They help with day camps...playing with kids, then they do whatever work projects, or cleaning that needs done!  They are having a great trip so far!

I am missing my hubby terribly!  BUT....he has been so good about calling me!  A couple of times everyday so far!  This is good for me...sometimes I feel like he goes away & is so busy that he kinda forgets us (mostly just so busy)....so as hard as it is, I like when he calls to say hello & tells us how much he loves & misses us!  The boys are doing very well so far...my plan is to keep them busy, busy, busy, so that they don't miss daddy too much!  Can't wait until he gets home on Friday!

A few exciting things are keeping us busy!  I got a  new camera yesterday!!! So fun!! I took 170ish pictures today, just playing with it & watching my sweet boys! It is also fair week here in Norton, so we went down to have some fun tonight!  Riding rides & hanging out with friends.  We stayed out a little late....so the boys got to bed later than usual...hopefully they will sleep in a little!  We will probably indulge in a few more fair activities this week! There is a petting zoo tomorrow, then we can go to regular story hour at the library, & more carnival nights.

OH...and ....we bought a new to us swimming pool!  It has been so nice having it...I hardly knew it was 100 degrees today!

OK, I guess I will quite for tonight!  I have lots to do tomorrow! The boys & I will be leaving Sunday for a trip to Grand Teton National Park & Yellowstone. My whole family will be getting together for a few days out there! So excited!!!!!!