Thursday, April 28, 2011


Earlier today, I was downstairs printing some pages that I needed, when all of a sudden, I heard what sounded like about 8 boys jumping around the living room!  Well, when I came upstairs, Lincoln very excitedly said, "mama, look at what I got!"  I said, "let me see."  He showed me a dead spider!  I asked him where he found it and he told me it was walking across the floor right over there!  I said what did you do?  He told me that he jumped on it like this!!!!! ((jumping up & down...sounding again like the 8 boys)) Made me giggle!  So I sent him to flush it down the toilet! Then I proceeded to boost his male ego & tell him that killing a spider was a super tough manly thing to do & that he was a hero to girls everywhere!

Then when Mike came home for lunch, we got to tell him the exciting story all over again!  I LOVE LIVING WITH THESE BOYS!!!!!!

A little catch up....

Two weeks ago today, we got our first support letters all printed & folded. Then I had a team of jr/high school girls & their mom graciously offer to help me stuff all the envelopes & put the labels on.  I wish I had taken pictures of this fun time, but I didn't!  Next time I will remember!!!  Then on Monday, I finished up sealing them & stamping them & got them in the mail!  So exciting to mail out over 450 letters about our exciting ministry!  And so far, only 1 has returned to me due to a wrong address!!  So, not too bad so far!  I have been waiting & cringing in fear that everytime I open the mail box that it could be full of blue envelopes with wrong I am very thankful!

But, in more exciting news, we have officially received 2 pledge cards returned!!!! YAY JESUS!!! We have had several verbal commitments also.

On Saturday we will leave & head for Wyoming.  Mike will be preaching at First Christian Church in Wheatland, Wy (church we served with before moving to Norton the first time).  Then we will make our way around the state visiting some of my family & lots of friends & former youth group students.  This will be a very exciting trip for us.  Please pray for the boys as we will be lots of van time for them!

Please keep praying for us as we look for a house, & continue our support raising!  We are having so much fun!!!

Late post...really late!

Ok, so for those of you who only keep up with me on this blog...I apologize!  What I am about to tell you has been public for about 2 months now, but a friend recently reminded me that I needed to blog about this!

Yep, that's right!!! BABY SANDER #3 will be joining us mid-October...we are ELATED!!! This is such an exciting time, for us!  So much going on already & this is the best, most exciting news!  The boys are excited also!  Lincoln keeps changing his mind about whether this baby is a boy or a girl...who knows!  We like the anticipation of waiting until the moment he/she arrives, so you will all have to wait as well!  In the mean time...I am now 16 weeks & finally starting to feel my energy that has escaped me for some time now.  I still get tired, but not all the time exhausted.  I can't complain though...all of my babies so far have been very gracious to me.  Only giving me slight nausea (except Justice...I did get sick once) and fatigue...but that beats the alternative...I'm sorry friends who had/have terrible sickness.

More later....